Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

Bandung specialties Peuyeum

Typical food is peuyeum bandung bandung, peuyeum is a food made from fermentedcassava, these foods dicurahakan into a song lyric called Peuyeum bandung, the following snippets of the song:

Peuyeum bandung kamasyur
Pangaosna TEU sublime
My SADAYA kagaleuh
Jeung elderly murangkalih

(peuyeum famous Bandung
price is not expensive
bought by all
parents and children)

Song fragments above illustrates that peyeum Bandung Bandung is renowned cuisineand first since we bought it when it's cheap and quite affordable by anyone whopurchase it. so do not be surprised if the food is excellent food to be one of westernJava, which is not only preferred by citizens by becoming melaikan bandung - by for tourists from outside the city of Bandung.
Besides can be eaten peuyeum bandung can dikreasikan colenak for example, dipped in delicious colenak stands are made from the burned peuyeum bandung then servedwith a sauce made from grated coconut and brown sugar.

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