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Bugis Art Ronggeng

One typical dance is a dance Ronggeng Bugis Bugis. Recent years have rarely dancesperformed Ronggeng Bugis and began forgotten by the Bugis community itself.
Tariang Ronggeng Bugis actually have their own history that is at the time of SunanGunung Djati, to investigate the enemy's strength against, Sunan Gunung Djati sendRonggeng Bugis arts group or dance telik password or a spy to investigate PakuanPadjadjaran Kingdom. It turned out that the art of dance succeeded in giving information to Sunan Gunung Djati.

Dance telik Ronggeng Bugis or password, is tertunjukan dance comedy, played by menwearing women's clothing. Though danced by men, Bugis Ronggeng graceful dance movements such as women's dance moves. Dances are usually played by 12 to 20 people with a commander of one dance.
The origins of dance Ronggeng Bugis, against a background of tension that occursbetween the kingdom of Cirebon and the Kingdom of Islam. Sunan Gunung CirebonDjati the King was told of a royal family who originated from Bugis to spy or passwordtelik Pajajaran Kingdom.

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Efforts are made by forming arts group, by way bebarang or ngamen from one place toanother. By King of Cirebon, the traditional arts which used to be a spy namedRonggeng Bugis.
During Pajajaran lurk in the Kingdom, by bringing the arts group or Tari BugisRonggeng telik Password teryata lot of hasu. That is a lot of confidential informationPakuan Pajajaran Kingdom, successfully intercepted by the Islamic Kingdom ofCirebon.

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