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Ondel-ondel Betawi Arts

First, the Betawi people call Barongan, probably derived from the mean unison together or equally. The name comes from the phrase an invitation in the Betawi dialect "Yok, we ngarak together". After Benjamin singing Ondel-ondel, then called Ondel-ondel Barongan.

The late Benjamin, a legendary singer of songs Betawi, it certainly had no intention of changing the designation from Batavia doll. However, a character in the soap opera Si Doel Anak School Rano Karno, who plays with it, so great influence, so as to Ondel-ondel for the giant doll is more popular than Barongan.

Materials to make Ondel-ondel very simple. Usually the face is made of wood, bamboo frame tied the body of concrete wire. Her hair is made of fibers, while the flower-flower oil made from flower paper or wrapping paper containing plastic for water resistance.

Original frame-ondel terbikin Ondel body of rattan, so strong. But because the current is now expensive rattan, then replaced with banmbu. First, in an appearance-ondel Ondel just contrived pair, male and female. To mark it, Ondel-ondel male face is red, Ondel-ondel female white face, with a simple look. But in its development, not just drawing the eye like the human eye, complete with eyebrows made of feathers, also once appeared can be five to 10 pairs. With the standard size, height About a third of a meter.

Musical accompaniment wine-arakkan Ondel-ondel also plays an important role. Brass somewhat dominant, in addition to wasps ditingkahi kenong, kemong, and drums, as a rhythm keeper. With music, the new Ondel-ondel can nandak (joget). What is interesting is all the musical instruments that are made must own. Drums of wood, and kempul kenong made of zinc plate. Now, there is also the added string instrument that came from xylophone Kromong, tekyan name. Except for the material, which can now be made of fiberglass, the show-ondel Ondel not changed much from the first. Dance style just rocking side to side, his music is still the first song-first as well. For example the song Lenggang sauntered Kangkung, Kicir-Kicir, or Srikuning. Originally, Ondel-ondel no songs, but only the accompaniment of drums martial arts course. But in another development, some are combined with the xylophone music or music Kromong tanjidor.

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However, distinctiveness Ondel-ondel not just from the appearance of the doll and accompanying music. But for those who believe, Ondel-ondel have a magical effect.Before the parade, Ondel-ondel have the terms. In addition there is the first sermon, are also given a drink. Can be given a drink of green coconut water, white water, until the sweet coffee and pait. Sometimes also given the kitchen ingredients such as eggs, as well as cigarettes. How to drench Ondel-ondel with put it in the framework of his body.

It is said that first-ondel Ondel usually ask for opium. But because opium or marijuana is prohibited Ondel-ondel instead given smoking cigar, with the way his mouth taped.Ondel-ondel can also be used to deny reinforcements or evil spirits. It is said that smallpox outbreak is over, after the people paraded around the village Ondel-ondel.

With materials such as wood and bamboo perpasang estimated cost, reach Rp.400 thousand-1 million. But now, made from fiberglass so the price is much more expensive. Currently Ondel who treat culture-ondel, was not much else. Mostly just because of hereditary inheritance. Yassin (45 years) for instance, still remembers his grandfather's life from performance-ondel Ondel. But Yassin itself, have any other profession, Ondel-ondel just a side job. "Because the results are not much", he said, "just because of tradition, needs to be preserved".

Likewise with Asmawi. 0ndel Ondel-makers who have started since 1942, was thought to educate one of his children and grandchildren to continue caring for this Betawi culture. "But no one has seen," he said.

According to the Office of DKI Jakarta culture, builder-ondel Ondel it live pak Asmawi.The group is still there, for example, in addition to Yassin's earlier, there are also groups in Cijantung, Kemayoran, and Cakung. And to preserve Ondel-ondel frequent festivals, besides cultural Research Service Establishments, giving financial assistance.

Appropriate, pagelarannya arrangement needs to be repaired, so that could be packaged as an attractive spectacle. Hornet dirapihkan music. "Not just gonjrang-gonjrang," he said. Indeed, in traditional ceremonies, like marriage or circumcision, Ondel-ondel still appear frequently among the Betawi people. In fact, never entered the Palace, and also used to welcome state guests. But can this Betawi folk art survive?

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