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Barongan From Bali

Barong is one among so many kinds of Balinese performing arts. Barong is a traditional Balinese dance which is characterized by body masks and costumes that can be imposed by one or two people to menarikannya. In Bali, there are several types of the Barong Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal, Landung Barong, Barong Macan, Elephant Barong, Barong Asu, Brutuk Barong, Barong Ox, Kedingkling Barong, Barong Goat, and Barong Gagombrangan.

Barong Ket or Barong Barong dance Keket is the most widely available in Bali and most often staged. Pebendaharaan barung also has the most complete dance movement. From its form, the Barong Ket is a mix between a lion, tiger, cow and dragon. Barong Ket body decorated with intricate carved leather and hundreds of small glass mirrors. Glass-glass mirrors and gleaming like a jewel when hit by light. Barong Ket feathers made of combination perasok (a type of pandanus leaf fiber plants) and fibers. There is also a substitute fibers with crow feathers.

Barong Ket danced by two dancers called the Messiah or Savior Bapang Saluk.Interpreter Bapang first dance of the head, the other Bapang Savior in the tail. Barong Ket is usually danced in pairs with Rangda, the sinister figure who symbolizes adharma (evil). Barong Ket himself into the dance symbolizes the dharma (virtue). Pair Barong Ket and Rangda Andara symbolizes the eternal battle of two opposites (rwa bhineda) in this universe. Barong Ket dance accompanied by gamelan Semar Pagulingan.

This Video Barongan Bali

Barong barong Bangkal is that resemble adult pigs. In Bali, an adult male pig called Bangkal, while the female is called bangkung. That is why the barong of this type is also called the Barong Bangkung. Barong Bangkal usually staged by ngelelawang or dancing from door to door around the village at the time of the celebration of Galungan-Brass. Barong is danced by two dancers with gamelan accompaniment Batel / tetamburan.

Landung barong barong is a towering figure. Resembles a human figure with a height twice the adult body settled down. Male figure lakidinamakan Jero Gede, while her partner is called Jero Luh. That said, the barong type is made to fool the spirits that spread disaster.

The Balinese believe that spirits are a stooge Mecaling Ratu Gede, the supernatural ruler of the Southern Ocean Bali berstana at Pura Dalem Ped, Nusa Penida. At that time, a powerful minister advised people to make a similar statue of Queen Cede Mecaling, a high figure is a large, black and fanged, and then paraded around the village. Apparently, this trick works. The spirits of the form of mock fear their boss, then step aside. Until now, in many villages, people regularly paraded Barong Landung to avert disaster.

Barong Landung danced by one. There's a hole in the abdomen as a loophole barong view of the dancer. In some places in Bali Barong Landung there is also not just a pair.Barong-barong was given a role such as Mantri (king), Galuh (empress), Limbur (ladies) and so on. Barong dance music accompaniment is Gamelan Batel Landung.

See Barong Landung, you may remember with Ondel-ondel. Yes, barong dance is very similar to typical Batavia.

As the name suggests, it resembles a tiger barong. This type of barong is quite popular among the people of Bali. Staging is the same as the barong barong Bangkal, namely ngelawang around the village. Sometimes staging barong is equipped with such dramatari Arja (Balinese traditional opera). Barong Tigers danced by two dancers to the accompaniment of gamelan music Batel.

Kedingkling called Barong Barong Blasblasan. There is also a call barong Nong nong Kling. In form, this type of barong barong much different from other types. Barung is more like a costume mask of each character danced by a dancer. The characters in barong Kedingkling exactly with figures in the Wayang Wong. When dancing, the story he brought was the play excerpts from the Ramayana story, especially the war scenes.

Barong kedingkling staging is usually done with ngelawang dar-house to house around the village in celebration of Galungan and Kuningan. Barong Kedingkling accompanied by gamelan Batel or babonangan (Gamelan Batel equipped with reyong). Barong Kedingkling numerous in the region of Gianyar, Bangli and Klungkung.

Barong Gajah course resembles an elephant. Barong is danced by two people.Because the barong is the sort of rare and sacred, the Balinese barong was rarely encounter this type. Once upon a time, on special occasions, this barong dipentaskannya in ngelewang from door to door around the village to the accompaniment of gamelan or tetamburan Batel. Elephant Barong of the region, Gianyar, Tabanan, Badung and Bangli.

Barong Asu resembles a dog. Just like the Elephant Barong, Barong Asu also includes a rare type of barong. Barong is only found in some villages in the area of ​​Tabanan and Badung. Usually performed by wandering around the village (ngelelawang) on ​​certain days to the accompaniment of gamelan or tetamburan or Balaganjur Batel.

You include people who had witnessed the staging of luck if this barong. Barong dance Brutuk including rare types who danced only in times of Khsusus. Barong has a more primitive form compared with other types of Balinese barong. Barong mask is made of coconut shells and keraras or costumes made from dried banana leaves. Barong symbolizes the holy beings (the maid of Queen Ida Pancering Jagat) which berstana in Pancering Jagat Pura, Trunyan. Dancers are teenagers who have been sanctified, respectively
whips played while running around the temple.

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