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Art Reog

Ponorogo - Seeing movement actors displayed a typical type of art Ponorogo, East Java, Reog Ponorogo, crossed the impression of something mystical.Reog, often identified with the black world, thug or hero. Liquor and also obstacles. Not too loose supernatural strength. Barung showed courage in sudden lifting heavy weighing about 40 pounds with dental bite force throughout the show lasts.Accompanying instrument, kempul, tap, kenong, handheld, ketipung, Angklung and
especially salompret, voice tone that gave rise pelog slendro and mystical atmosphere, strange, exotic as well as arousing.
Not only one version recounted the origins of art Reog Ponorogo. A book published by the local government in 1993 Ponorogo mention, the history of the birth of this art at the time of King UB-5 to the throne in the kingdom of Majapahit.

To satirize the king, deeply influenced by this queen, was made of peacock Barongan ridden by Ki Ageng Suryo Tutu. Further folklore originating from Java Chronicle stated at the time of power Batera Katong, named Ki Ageng penambing Mirah assess Barongan arts need to be preserved.Ki Ageng Mirah and make a legendary story about the creation of the Kingdom of the Winds Bantar Kelono Suwandono king. Reog art was first named Singa Barong or Singa Besar will exist in about the year 900 Saka and is associated with the lives of followers of Hinduism Shiva. The entry of Raden Patah to develop the Islamic religion around the Mount Wilis including Ponorogo, effect on this reog art. Which then adapt to the presence of Kelono Suwandono Samagini whip and gun.

After all stories that mention the origin of Reog Ponorogo clearly sourced. Now this art is not just found in his homeland alone. Usually one group consists of a wWarok Reog old, some young warok, pembarong and dancers Bujang Ganong and King Kelono Suwandono. The numbers ranged from 20 to 30-person, a central role in the hands warok and pembarongnya.Kedasyatan Reog Ponorogo in collecting and to work the mass could make the certificate a socio-political organization since the 1950's to mendomplengnya as a tool.Chakra formed in 1955 as a branch of art reog NU's religion, to win his party in elections. Then Bren Reog Barisan Nasional or Barisan BRP or Reog Ponorogo's Portrait. This makes Reog Ponorogo in its development almost to death abyss.

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In 1965 to 1971 when the government crushed the PKI, BRP was dissolved and receive the effects of make-reog reog others joined ends. Thousands of units were burned due to exposure to reog forced this issue into penggalak communist art of collecting and shaking mass. The perpetrators of this art is ultimately a weekend or a search of grass.

Luckily at the end of 1976, Reog Ponorogo back is turned to the establishment of INTI (Insan Tagwa divine Ponorogo). Learning from this history, many of these artists who no longer wish to ride. Let reog belongs to the people without restriction and claimed to belong to certain groups. Reog Ponorogo continue flying until now, even some forms of development in this art pengarapan much done. Especially with the proliferation of formal institutions to develop the arts in the form konterporer reog.
It's about art that already branded this mystical, preservation and restoration efforts through the annual festival, sometimes even sacrificing the purity and distinctiveness of art itself. Though mystical elements, it is a spiritual force that gives breath to the art Reog Ponorogo.
Many things that seem mystical artistry behind Reog Ponorogo. Warok for example, is the central figure in this art, which until now save a lot of things are quite controversial.Not a few people who consider warok profile has led to less good image of this art.

Warok is a force that relies on the truth in the struggle between good and evil in the story reog art. Warok Old, is the protector figure, while Warok warok Young is still in early stages of their studies. Nevertheless, life warok diametrically opposed to the roles they play on stage.
It is said that warok until recently perceived as a figure who cast must have certain supernatural powers. Even some bad stories about life warok, such as its approach to liquor and the world of thugs.
To be warok, long journey, long, full of twists and teases million. At least that is manifested figures Warok Ponorogo, Mbah Wo Cats. To get there, have mastered what is called Reh Kamusankan True, the path of true humanity.

Old warok, until now still have a place as an elder in the community. Proximity to the spiritual world often make a warok asked for advice on the grip or the tranquility of the spiritual life. Advice that cited an old warok actually had often heard but the words that came out of his mouth as if powered.
Formerly known to have many gemblak warok, namely men, sometimes a dozen years more cherished than his wife and son. Maintaining gemblak is a tradition that has been deeply rooted in the community of artists reog. As if the obligation to maintain any warok gemblak in order to maintain his power. Moreover, there is a strong belief among warok, intimate relationships with women and even with his own wife, can be a trigger erosion throughout his supernatural powers. Mutual love, cherish and try to please is the hallmark of special relaksi between gemblak and waroknya.

So far worse perception of warok, admittedly began eliminated. Efforts to restore the image of this art is done gradually. Warok current profile such as leadership began to be directed to a positive value and a role model of society. It also includes maintaining gemblak now increasingly faded. Gemblak usual role as a dancer jatilan, its role is now replaced by young girls. Though this art first-previously appeared without a single woman.
Warok addition, the role of bearers darak pembarong or peacock, in the arts Reog Ponorogo, can not be underestimated. Moreover, this art is obvious on the strength of body and attractions akrobatiknya.

A pembarong, should have extra strength. He must have a good jaw strength, to withstand the bite load darak peacocks decorated the form of hundreds of strands of tiger's head feathers of peacock two meters which can weigh up to 40 pounds during the show.
Once again the power of magic is often used pembarong to add this extra power. For instance, by using the implant, the neck pembarong. To be pembarong not enough by a strong body.
A pembarong also be equipped with something called the pembarong with revelation.Revelation is believed to be the pembarong as something very important in their lives. If not blessed revelation, which exhibited a pembarong dance will look bad and not fit to watch.
Initially, many parents in Ponorogo worry, will the continuity of art typical of this Ponorogo. Because the progress of time will make the youth in Ponorogo will not again participate berreog. Moreover, the pembarong.
But now many young pembarong born, who little by little leaving things mystical. They are more rational. A pembarong, must know the exact theory for the sudden peacock dance. If not, the movement of a pembarong could be hampered and cause injury.
Every movement such as waving Barongan are no rules how the position of the feet, neck and arm movements. Usually a pembarong appear at a young age and fresh.Towards the age of 40 years, usually the physical strength of a pembarong, ingested and slowly he began to leave the profession.
Currently, many pembarong who deny the use of supernatural powers in the performance of magical power but actually is a spiritual element into the breath of this art. Warok Similarly, any perception pembarong now shifted. More done with a rational approach.

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