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Lock On Gold is the only modern day flight simulation game to combine high fidelity with a broad choice of aircraft. The game is filled with action-packed missions, realistic flight modelling and flexible game options that provide unlimited game play action to both beginner and veteran flight simulation fans. The game's blend of high-powered aircraft and various fighting styles combine for the most realistic flight sim featuring today's most advanced military aircraft.

All the capabilities of Lock On: Modern Air Combat
Addition of the Su-25T as a player-flyable aircraft
Training missions with voice-over instruction
Three new, 20-plus mission campaigns
Improved ground texture with even greater detail
New ground textures for winter,
spring, summer & autumn

New aircraft skins
New military & civilian ground facilities
New single missions
Upgrades and feature additions to version
1.02 of Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Adjusted & added additional documentation.

Publisher: Evolved Games

Developer: Flying Legends / Eagle Dynamics

Platform: PC/CD-ROM

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Genre: Flight Sim

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